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I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious. Andrew Wyeth

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sacred Muse Transcendental Art

Healing integrated with the creative impulse opens the path for some amazing personal breakthroughs in personal development.Opening up to becoming your true self involves extensive personal work. Healing through Consciously creating will open your reality to the limitless potential that surrounds us all.

  • Integrationart fused with spirituality

  • Attunealigning the true self

    Attunement is taking the time to be present within yourself.
    Connecting to your real inner self. In today's busy world it can be hard
    to take the time that is needed to build a real connection to self.
    As life goes by, old borrowed hurt and experiences can act as a film
    over your true self. Attuning allows us to see where we need to heal
    and grow. Consciously Creative Healing allows us to attune with ourselves
    and use the power of creativity to explore this world within ourselves.

  • Transcendencebuilding new circuitry

    Rising above clouds of Illusion. Breaking free from the lower modes of being which limit our accumilation of limitless potential.

  • Illuminationexhibition of freedom

    Indivualize your life. Deprogram from societies web of deterrent influence. Giving a true expression of ones inner diamond of truth. Exposing the wealth that is natural and divine of each of us by acts of creative consciousness.

01 Dec 2011

Shifting Awareness

Art allows us to look beyond what we can see,opening us to the invisiable yet very real world

of spirituality and cosmic connection.

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